13 Reasons Why Your Korean Tourist Visa Is Denied

  • Your passport is invalid.
  • You are prohibited to enter Korea as per Korean Immigration Law.
  • Record shows that you have previously violated the Korean Law.
  • You failed to submit the required documents completely.
  • You failed to qualify to the visa category you have applied for.
  • The documents you have submitted cannot be verified.
  • You failed to prove your purpose of entry to Korea.
  • You failed to prove strong economic and family ties to your home country.
  • Your inviter is not qualified to invite you.
  • You failed to prove the relationship of your inviter.
  • According to the Philippine law, you failed to give prima facie evidence of your marriage validity.
  • You failed to give the correct information about your spouse.
  • You and your spouse failed to prove keeping a normal marital life.

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