Pinoy Travel Tips – First Time Traveler in Taipei, Taiwan

Travel Documents

Passport – Is your passport still valid? For Philippine passport holders, only those that are valid for at least 6 months will be granted travel.

Visa – Well good news to Filipinos! Taiwan extends visa-free entry to Filipinos until July 31, 2019 under Tourist Visa Note that this is only applicable to short stay. For those travelers that will stay in Taiwan for at least 14 days or more for the purpose of employment, missionary work, education, and other activities are still required to obtain appropriate visa when entering the country.

Flights + Hotel

One tip? Book in advance! Booking in advance helps you save and secure your seats. Most often, peak season are always easy to full and when you don’t book early, you’ll end up with few options.

Hotel – For first time travelers, we recommend you to book with a travel agency like 926A TRAVEL AND TOURS. Why? Simple. We know what’s best for you. The deets of travel and all those good stuff. Maybe you choose to book a hostel, but little that you know, some accommodation look good in photos but are crappy in real life. Booking with a travel agency is hassle free!


Landmarks and admissions – have you decided? Maybe take a visit at Taipei 101 or let that geek stroll in the National Museum of Taipei. Have that day trip in Yangmingshan National Park and a glorious view of cherry blossom will spark that Valentine. A conservative one? Go to Chiang Kai Shek and Sun Yat Sun Memorials. How about a millennial or a cool tita? Enjoy at the
Shilin and Shida Night Market. These are just a few. Or if you’re too busy, why not just ask us a quotation by clicking –

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