TIPS – Traveling to Taiwan

Taiwan in general is a very accommodating country, having to extend it visa free status for Filipinos holding Philippine Passports are a great call!

Remember Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si of F4? They are from Taiwan. Now you get to see the bigger picture of what Taiwan looks like.

Why should we visit Taiwan? If you want to visit night markets, themed restaurants, free wi-fi (yes, FREE), see artifacts, see animated news, perhaps your a vegetarian – Taiwan offers vegetarian free destinations, and uhm, taste authentic Taiwan Milk Tea – book for a tour in Taipei. 926A Travel and Tours offers affordable travel package – click here to book >

What is the best location for an accommodation? Request us for a hotel within Ximending. Ximending is somewhat a Taiwan version of Makati and most refer to it as the Harajuku of Japan as it is filled with bright and colorful lights. Trendy bars and shops are found within the area. MRT is also accessible in the area.

What to eat in Taiwan? Go for street food! It’s a must visit in places like Shilin Night Market. It is a bit costly but worth the price for Filipinos like us who loves food! You should try eating Gua Bao, Da Chang Bao Siao Chang, Xiao Long Bao, Taiwanese Fried Chicken, Beef Noodles, Tofu and Mochi.

When is the best time to visit Taiwan? It is peak season during June – August. It is also the period of fun festivals and activities so most of the hotels are fully booked. We recommend you to book through a travel agency like us at least 6 months before your travel dates to secure your tours and accommodation as it is the period that it is jam packed with tourist which are mostly locals.

What are your tours in Taipei, Taiwan?

  • Taipei City Tour – PHP2,200/person
  • Jiufen and Northern Coast Tour – PHP2,300/person
  • Yangmingshan National Park and Hot Spring Tour – PHP2,600/person

When is the most affordable time to visit Taiwan? 926A Travel and Tours offers cheap travel packages to Taipei, Taiwan for our fellow Filipinos for travel dates of April (Spring Season) and or October (Autumn Season). It is also the travel dates with the lesser chances of rainfall.

Where can we have our currency exchanged? Taiwanese government regulates currency exchange so it is best to have it exchange in banks to get fair rates for New Taiwan Dollar or NTD. Bank kiosks are also placed in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

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  1. Great tips. There are a lot of night markets with some having higher prices than others. Also, when in Taiwan, we recommend eating at the original Din Tai Fung restaurant! 🙂

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