US Visa Tourist Visa

Appearance in the embassy for interview and assessment is required. Our visa assistance is rated at PHP7,500 per applicant. Processing is within 2 – 3 business days.


  • Visa assistance and consultation
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Hotel and Tour Reservation as requirement

Visa Requirements:

  • Accomplished questionnaire which we will send upon confirmed availing of visa assistance
  • Scanned passport copy with at least 6 months validity prior to travel date which you can e-mail at
  • Soft copy of 2″ x 2″ picture white background (should be for US Visa) – and must be taken in a photo studio and send to

Steps in Visa Processing:

  1. Settle the visa assistance fee and send us a copy of the deposit slip to
  2. Upon confirmation of payment which we can check within the day of payment, we will send you a questionnaire. Kindly send us a scanned and accomplished questionnaire and the passport copy and soft copy of your photo for an initial assessment.
  3. Pay the visa assistance fee and US Visa Fee $160 – download your payment slip here: then scroll down and click – MRV $160. Print the payment slip and pay at any BPI Branch
  4. Forward the payment slip and your preferred schedule of interview.
  5. We will email the draft of DS160 for your review. Please take note if there will be changes to be made.
  6. We will instruct you for the do’s and don’ts for your interview.
  7. Once confirmed, we will email the appointment confirmation, DS160, customized script and dos and don’ts during the interview.
  8. Be at the Embassy 40mins before your schedule and make sure to bring your Appointment confirmation, DS160, MRV $160 receipt and black ballpen
  9. Results will be provided after the interview. They will keep your passport if it is approved or they will give it to you if it is denied.

Important Reminders:

  • Visa Applicants should bear in mind that each application is subject to an individual assessment and processing times may vary before we get a schedule.
  • We cannot guarantee a 100% approval as it is upon the discretion of visa officers but we will make sure you are equip and ready for the interview.
  • Consul will advise the applicant whether the application is granted or not during the day of appearance.
  • If granted, you will receive your passport with attached visa copy more or less a week after the appearance.

Requirements to bring in the appointment:

  • Original valid passport – Including old passport with previous visa
  • 2 pcs. passport-sized photo (coloured/white background)
  • Accomplished visa form
  • Employment Certification (Please state position and salary) / Sponsor
  • Approved leave of absence (Employed)
  • Copy of Business Registrations – For self-employed applicants / Sponsor
  • Copy of latest Income Tax Returns / Sponsor
  • Evidence of funds ( Original Bank Certification with Bank statements,  Original Bank Book for Savings Account, Bank Statements for the past 3 months for Current, Certificate of Time Deposit
  • Travel Insurance
  • Booking Certificate / Travel Itinerary
  • Hotel Confirmation/Voucher
  • Authenticated Birth/Marriage Certificate from PSA (Formerly NSO) issued within one year

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