Advantages of traveling during the rainy season

It seems boring to travel during the rainy days. Imagine the umbrella you’ll be bringing, the coat, and the mess – but now, you need to think twice. Traveling in this season is not so bad after all! Here are the reasons why:

  1. FEWER TOURIST – Bumping into a lot of tourist is hella stress for most of us, but in this lean season, you’ll have a peaceful vacay. Imagine sipping that hot tea or coffee and enjoying the serene view!
  2. CHEAPER RATES – Rainy season is not peak season, therefore, airline tickets are cheaper. What’s even great is that with 926A Travel and Tours, also offers discounted tickets for every season so you get to save more! Name it – Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, Philippine Airlines, whenever you are, we can accommodate you! 
  3. FRIENDLIER ENVIRONMENT – Funny as we include this, but this is very, veryyy true. With a less number of travelers and or tourists, you’ll notice a nicer aura from the staff of airlines, to hotels and many more! They’re less stressed! That’s why! A positive note is that they will be able to serve you better and you get value for your money.

For your travel needs, 926A Travel and Tours are your trusted travel agency for discounted airfare, travel packages and visa assistance for Filipinos worldwide.

E-mail us at or call us at 09777613660.

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