Tips And Things To Remember Before Your Flight

Let’s be straight forward. Everyone wants a hassle free boarding. So before that big day of escaping or maybe seeing the real world, here are some pointers you must consider.

  • Double check if your passport is valid on the date of travel.
  • Is visa required on your travel? Make sure to have it arranged beforehand. 926A Travel and Tours also provide visa assistance. Contact us by clicking this link –
  • Always be mindful of your time and date off light so you won’t fret. Be at the airport at least 3 hours before your flight.
  • Do not forget to print your plane tickets. Accommodation and Tour Vouchers must be at hand as well as the itinerary.
  • Keep a soft copy of your tickets, accommodation and or reservations and itinerary in your phone as it is very handy and easily accessible.
  • Weigh your luggage. Make sure it passes the baggage allowance you have chosen for your flights.
  • Decide if you will opt credit card and cash. We recommend you bring both and have your cash be in USD as it is widely used inmost destinations or you may simply have your Philippine Pesos exchanged in your preferred Money Changer Shop for the local currency of your destination.
  • Should you decide to bring a credit card, verify first with your bank to confirm if it is valid for international transactions as well as on ATMs outside of the country.
  • Prepare payment in cash for the travel tax currently rated at PHP1,620.
  • Never bring any sharp objects, weapons (including self defense items like pepper spray and the alike) and liquids beyond the limit of 100ml as it will be confiscated in the airport.
  • Make sure that your chargers are compatible with the country’s wattage and plugs. Extra tip: bring extension wires if you have many gadgets!
  • Read up on current weather reports so you would know if you what clothes you’ll be bringing.
  • Better to check roaming promotions if you are a prepaid user. For postpaid users, you may simply contact your provider’s customer service and advise them that you will be going abroad. Be reminded that data charges are expensive.
  • Download helpful applications on your phone. For instance, a translator application will be helpful in places like Beijing,Korea and Japan.
  • It will be helpful if you have a power bank, so you can use your phone whilst on tours with 926A Travel and Tours.
  • Bring small snacks. Who doesn’t want food?

No need for explanation, right? But for a real deal, go andbook with 926A Travel and Tours and have your actual travel agent assistance atreal time. E-mail at or call +639777613660.

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